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As you know, at Morris Injury Law we enjoy providing beneficial tips and information that you may need in the future, in case you or someone close to you ever experiences a personal injury accident first hand. Today, we wish to emphasize the importance of taking as many pictures and videos of the incident scene as possible. The reason photos and videos are important is because photos help establish liability and help explain what occurred. Furthermore, pictures and videos bring the details of a case to life including the weather conditions, aggravated liability, and any damages to the cars involved.

The phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is extremely pertinent in a motor-vehicle accident. Just think, if a picture is worth “a thousand words,” then a video is worth much more. With video you can get a much more clear explanation of the scene, conditions, and what occurred. In fact, at times you may even get the adverse party admitting liability on tape and this can help move your case much more smoothly.

Keep in mind, your number one priority is always your health and well being, especially if you need immediate care. Thus, it isn’t always possible to take pictures or video of the scene on your own, however, if a friend or family member is present, it is important to request them to take pictures/video of as much as they can.

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